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Ceramic Coated Black Valve Cover

Wrinkle Black Valve Cover for any L Series engine.

Powder Coating is more than just a coating, more than just a pretty face. It's a track-tested finish that boosts your engine's muscle while keeping it cool and looking right. As a serious car enthusiast, don't settle for second-best. Get IT "Ceramic"! PERFORMANCE Getting your parts "Ceramic Coated" keeps your engine running cool and smooth. Our custom coatings reduce friction and heat on surface-resistant moving parts. Less heat means better performance.

Better performance means more wins. PROTECTION "Ceramic Coating" your parts will extend the life of your engine by reducing the surface-to-surface friction that erodes critical engine components and builds heat. Our standard ceramic-metallic coatings protect against harsh chemicals such as gasoline, alcohols and brake fluids. Jet-Hot finishes also prevent corrosion and rust, both inside and out. POLISH Street-rods, dragsters, classic cars, motorcycles, power boats...whatever your speed, "Jet-Hotted" components will look great and hold their finish year after year. Whether you want a silver-shine or an eye-catching color, "Jet-Hotted" parts scream for attention when the hood comes up. Professionally Coated. Keeps your Engine Cover up to 30% Cooler!

No core required.

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