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Automatic to 5 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit

Automatic to 5 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit


Kit Includes:

1. Rebuilt 5 Speed Transmission
2. S1 Clutch Kit with Disc, Pressure Plate, Bearing, Pilot Bushing and Alignment tool.
3. Lightened & Resurfaced Flywheel
4. Clutch Master Cylinder
5. Clutch Slave Cylinder with Bolts
6. Clutch Line and Hose
7. Flywheel Bolts
8. Pressure Plate Bolts
9. Clutch Fork
10. Clutch Bearing Collar
11. Shift Rod w/ Pin & Clip
12. Shift Boot
13. Fork Boot
14. Reverse Light Switch
15. Breather
16. Backing Plate

Auto & 5 Speed tranny mount and cross member is the same. You will need to buy inner shift boot and knob (we do sell those for $50 separately because of styling preferences) and convert your console & trim the tunnel to accommodate for this conversion.

Photo is just a sample. These all come out of 1979 280ZX WIDE ratio versions. Add $500 for a close ratio. Once they are ordered I rebuild and ship them within 5-6 weeks now. These are low mileage cores that get a complete rebuild kit installed. Includes new bearings, syncros, gaskets and seals then a hot tank cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

Fits 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX

We carefully inspect each transmission to make sure you receive a top quality unit. Our licensed master builders have years of experience and make sure each unit is built correctly. We only use quality kits that we have trusted for years. This is the early 280ZX 5-speed with the 0.864 5th gear vs. late 280ZX Close Ratio 5 speed, which has the 0.745 5th.

(Contact for details).

The 510 conversions will require a shortened / modified drive-shaft as this unit is about 31 inches in length. If you have not been shopping the junkyards for these units, please, be aware that these cars are now uncommon in the junkyards and they get around $500 to $700 for these transmissions, un-pulled and dirty. •

Ours are Rebuilt once ordered.


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