I purchased this L24 motor from California Datsun about a year ago. I have no idea what they did to it but it runs better than the L28 with a big cam that I was running prior. It has flat top pistons and big valves and a small cam. This thing runs so strong it's not even funny. I also bought the re build SU carbs. No issues with any of it.

John Williams

I bought my L20b from Al with some trepidation, after all risking a non trivial sum on a crucial component like an engine, built by some folks you’ve never done business with who are a thousand miles away will make anyone a bit uneasy. When it finally arrived and I unwrapped it, I was pretty thrilled. A pristine engine in tip top shape all painted polished and pretty, I felt better immediately. The free T shirt was just icing on the cake. After installing it and getting it tuned, I let it break in for a few weeks and checked the compression, 187 psi all the way across. Very nice. This is my daily driver and mountain car with all sorts of the classic Datsun tweaks and a few more, and I beat on it with abandon taking it places no one’s ever heard of and fewer go, as the pics show. The engine is happy and smooth all the way to the redline while passing, and since few count on the an ancient, beat up Datsun with a decent power to weight ratio and the ability to rev, I get more than a few looks while going by folks in the uphill lane on steep passes. The engine has been flawless with over 500 hours of runtime since I installed it in Feb 2012. I live in a rural area and put a LOT of dirt and highway miles on it, with 1000 mile roundtrips on some summer weekends. I’d buy another in a heartbeat, and am currently strongly leaning towards a rebuilt 5 speed from California Datsun. My only wish is that they rebuilt rear differentials as well!

I’ve been running the L20B for a little over a month now and have somewhere around a thousand miles on it. There are no leaks, no noises, and the mileage and power have slowly crept up in the last few weeks as it breaks in. Idles way more smoothly now than it did at the outset, now you turn the key, and single half turn and boom, leaps to a nice steady idle. I checked the compression the other day and it’s 185-187 all the way across, wonderful! You folks did a fine job on this motor for a very good price and I’d have no reservations about recommending your remanufactured engines to anyone needing a classic Nissan rebuild. Now that I have it I’m perfectly satisfied.

I purchased this L20B from California Datsun about 2 years ago. I added a 32/36 Weber carb a header and some oil and gas. I've been driving it every weekend since with not one issue. Strong little motor. This is two of my Datsun's with their rebuilt engine in it!

Chris Erikson

The engine has a little over 3,000 miles on it and its running fabulous. Very very strong and no oil leaks. I am very happy with the engine. I don’t have a stock L28 to compare it to, but I'm sure my P90 with the high compression mod and the port polishing you did has netted me an engine much stronger than stock. It feels great, I'm really happy.

James Tong

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