double horsepower in my car!

My 240Z has been in my family for 25 years and the engine 240Z had lost a bit of horsepower. Having a limited amount of free time, I reviewed my options and found that purchasing a rebuilt motor was best. I found California Datsun on ebay and decided to contacted them about a rebuilt motor. I had a great conversation with Al and I never considered upgrading to a L28 motor. The performance and chrome options he had available were difficult to refuse . Simply put, I was able to double horsepower the my car! His recommendation to use triple Webers and a lightweight flywheel were perfect. His instructions for break in were clear and informative. I carry his suggestions to my other vehicles in my garage, both domestic and foreign. After break in period, I watch the tachometer moves like my sons XBOX F1 video game! When I open my hood, the chrome shines like a $100,000 show car.
I can only thank Al for his help and highly recommend his advice.

Jay Zitcovich

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