E88 Head L24 Long Block

Rebuilt L24 Block and E88 Head

Datsun 240Z L24 Block and E88 Head Long Block Engine Motor

**Please do not ask about HP numbers, these engines have not been dynoed and I can not confirm the numbers. Estimated figures will be 175 and up depending on intake, exhaust, flywheel and other parts!** UP FOR BID IS A VERY NICE, JUST COMPLETELY REBUILT E88 HEAD. ***THIS IS A LONG BLOCK, HEAD AND BLOCK WITH TIMING COVER AND NICE POLISHED OEM VALVE COVER, I HAVE ALSO INCLUDED A OIL PAN **** ENGINE SHOWN IS **NOT**THE ACTUAL ENGINE YOU WILL GET!! **Now includes intake and valve cover re-surfacing, and new better hot tank cleaning** ** 30 day parts warranty **No Labor Included PROFESSIONALLY REBUILT E88 HEAD AND L24 (P30 BLOCK) SERIES DATSUN. Engine core is NOT required, but I will give you $150 off this purchase for your old re-buildable engine! GREAT FLOWING HEAD AND GOOD COMPRESSION. THIS ENGINE HAS NEVER BEEN INSTALLED ON A CAR SINCE IT WAS REBUILT.


  1. Complete disassemble, Inspection and Pressure test
  2. Re-Surface all 3 sides, Intake Gasket Side, Head Gasket Side and Valve Cover Gasket Side
  3. 3 Angle Valve Job
  4. Reconditioned Rocker Arms
  5. Cleaned, and Installed STOCK Springs, Retainers and Lash Pads
  6. Full Set of new Valve Seals
  7. Stock Camshaft.
  8. All threads cleaned and repaired as needed
  9. Full Reassembly and Valve adjustment
  10. 30 parts day warranty


  1. Pressure Test
  2. Hot Tank Cleaning
  3. Threads Cleaned and Repaired as needed
  4. New Oversized .20 Flat ITM Pistons and Rings
  5. Re-bore Cylinder Walls with Specific Cross Hatch Cut
  6. New Freeze Plugs
  7. New High Temp Paint
  8. New Under-sized ACL Bearings
  9. Micro Knife Edged and Polished Crankshaft
  10. Inspected, Cleaned, and Check Rods
  11. Professionally Reassembled with new Rear Main Seal Engine is machined, built and warranted by a shop in Riverside California.
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