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Performance Exhaust System

2 1/2" mandrel-bent piping and high efficiency "Turbo" style muffler

This tuned exhaust system is engineered for minimum back pressure and efficient exhaust scavenging. The 2 1/2" mandrel-bent piping and high efficiency "Turbo" style muffler ("turbo" refers to the designed flow of the exhaust through the muffler, not to a turbocharged engine) provide reduced back pressure without the harsh volume of many other types of performance systems. 
This kit is a direct fit to our 3-2 header and Y-pipe on your 70-78 Z and does not require welding. Includes all parts necessary for installation and a chrome tip! 

All performance exhaust systems, no matter the manufacturer or type, will be louder than the stock exhaust system. This is an unavoidable consequence of reducing back pressure and therefore increasing performance. This is especially true upon acceleration when exhaust pressures are at their highest. This performance system, with a "turbo" style muffler, is no exception. This type of muffler, however, was designed to limit the level of sound, especially when the engine is not being pushed. Therefore while it will be significantly louder under heavy acceleration, especially when connected to a header as opposed to the stock exhaust manifold, it should only have a pleasing "low rumble" tone during normal operation. Please call us if you have any questions. We can offer resonator options too.

For coupe models only. See Related Items for our 2+2 extension pipe. It does not include connections for factory head pipe or pre-muffler/catalytic converter.

Installation Note:
Oval performance mufflers should be positioned at an angle for a proper fit on 70-78 Z cars. Note that for 8/74-78 Z's that still have the original bumper mounts, you will not be able to get quite this ideal of an angle due to interference, but a slight alteration should work fine. Please give us a call if you have any questions.
We also have these available for the 6 into 1 Headers!
* Header Options:

* Coating (Please allow 2 weeks for Ceramic Coating):

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