Carb Intake & Exhaust Manifold Studs

Kit Includes 17 Studs, 17 Washers and 17 Nuts

The intake & exhaust manifold nuts and studs will stretch and weaken with use, and should be replaced when installing any header, replacing a new intake or changing the head. This Kit Includes 17 Studs, 17 Washers and 17 Nuts.

This kit is for all 70-74 240Z-260Z's with E31 or E88 Cylinder Heads. For all later L-Series heads (N42, N47, P79, P90), follow the fuel system you are choosing. Regardless of which 70-83 Z you have, if you are using an N42, N47, P79, or P90, P90A head with a carburetor setup, you will need this kit. If you are using an N42, N47, P79, or P90 head with a fuel injection manifold, then you need the injection kit.

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All L-Series heads also have 6 "spacers" that hold down both the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold/header at the same time. Check to see if these are worn and in need of replacing also.

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