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Performance Cam Kit

Performance Cam Kit
  • Performance Cam Kit
  • Performance Cam Kit

L24 L28 N42 Racing Cam Shaft Set with NEW Double Coil Springs, Retainers & Lash Pads.

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All cams are drilled for through cam oiling. Custom tuning or an upgraded ECU is heavily recommended with any of the EFI grinds, but your engine may run fine with the stock tune. Larger grinds with fuel injection are possible, but require either extensive tuning or a standalone ECU system. Please contact us for a custom grind if that is your application. Regrinds on your core are available as well.

Datsun Z 240Z 260Z 280Z L24 L28 N42 Racing Cam Shaft Set with NEW Double Coil Springs, Retainers & Lash Pads.


This is just a generic sample and photo, there is NOT a grind size assigned to this sale, we sell a variety of applications and specs for your engine. Please let up know if you have turbo or non, race or street, mild or wild! Contact us for recommendations on what cam to use for your application.

Performance Camshafts & Kits The camshaft can be likened to the "brain" of an engine's mechanical components. It controls the timing of a number of critical operations. Modified camshafts for performance have been part of the automotive scene since the beginning of the car, and choosing an after market cam can make or break the vehicle's performance and drive-ability. The cams offered by Motorsport Auto are quality pieces with cam profiles designed specifically for a Z's requirements. When you specify your usage of fuel injection or carburetion, we will give you the grind of your choice specifically tailored for your car's set up. There are several important differences about camshaft installation in Z engines compared to other engines. Most important, a fresh valve job must be done by a competent shop at the time of cam installation. During this valve job, the machinist must be certain to keep the valve stem heights consistent; otherwise there will be severe damage to the lobes of the new cam. It is the contact pattern between the cam lobes and rocker arm pads that determines the longevity of the cam installation. We include complete, detailed instructions on these procedures with our cams. Just be advised that the attention to detail in installing a new cam in a Z engine is not to be taken lightly.

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