All businesses face negative feedback

To: My Valued Customers:

All businesses face negative feedback and poor internet post so it is appropriate to respond to our position in this matter. My company has done business with everyone from Edd at Wheeler Dealers TV show to the first-time Datsun customers we handle in person. We are authorized distributors for many huge companies such as Wilwood and Nissan. We are a professional, legitimate and licensed business. 

Our company sells many reconditioned, rebuilt, restored and renewed Datsun Parts. We all must understand that not every part will be perfect. The fact is many of these parts are 40+ year old pieces that we are trying to bring back to life and make good again to the best of our ability.  Everyone standards are different, if you are expecting new parts and new quality for used part prices then you will be disappointed. Please be professional, respectful, and understand that this business provides parts and service that many others do not -- and at a better price -- that's why we are in business today.

The name California Datsun is just an additional DBA to help enhance marketing efforts and on-line presence.  Like any successful business, we are growing and evolving and finding our niche in the specialized marketplace that is Datsun Parts.  Nothing about the business itself has changed; same owner, same phone number, same business standards, just an additional name that gives us a better on-line position.  Contrary to what a few have claimed, it is completely inaccurate that we have changed names 4 or 5 times; that's absurd.  I opened this business in 2007 as Datsun Parts LLC and it still exists today thanks to my satisfied customers.

I have always been easy to access, my address and phone number are listed all over the internet. I am at many Datsun car shows and events and always invite everyone to have a face-to-face conversation. I welcome feedback -- poor or negative -- as it helps me learn and improve my business. I never have, and never will, avoid any call, conversation, or electronic dialog. I am myself a Datsun enthusiast. I own, built, and drive a 240Z that has won 1st place at the National Z Car Convention and Best of Show at Motorsport Auto. I also own, built, and drive a custom 620 truck that has won multiple awards. 

I am sincerely sorry to hear that any customer has a problem with a part purchased from us. But not all problems can be solved. In all business there are limitations to warranties, and all we ask is that customers follow the instructions and limitations for the warranty to be valid. You may not agree with the limits of our warranty, but we state it clearly and it has never changed. Knowing your own business' limitations is part of running a successful business.

However, understand that I am the owner of this business, so I have the freedom to be flexible. I treat customers how I would want to be treated, and every case has different circumstances. If you are reasonable, patient,  understanding, and willing to work with me, then I will extend the same to you. If you take to forums, websites, and social media to just complain, then you are not really trying to solve your problem; you simply want to bash me as a vendor. 

Here is how we handle warranties....


It's impossible to be perfect. Walmart, Target, and have hundreds of upset customers who post poor reviews on-line even for BRAND NEW items, this is a part of everyday business.  No matter the company size all will have upset customers at some point or another.  The difference between my business and those I mentioned is that those are huge companies with huge buying power who can send product back to the manufacturer, receive a refund on it from the manufacturer, and easily replace the customer's product if need be -- and yet, they STILL have unhappy customers at some point.  There is always going to be someone who thinks they were unjustly wronged, no matter what the proposed solution.

I am handling all the day-in, day-out details of this business and I deal directly with my customers.  The business offers a warranty, returns, and I personally address any and all problems.

As a vendor we do not accept a return of a part that you have opened up, taken apart, changed, or modified. 

We make mistakes just like anyone else, some are normal, some are excessive, none are acceptable. However, we always address them and do what we can to make it right. In some cases we are too far apart in acceptable resolutions. We have to work within a reasonable limit and we evaluate each case individually.  

We have over 11,000 ebay transactions seen here with positive feedback.  We take pride in our business and our reputation.

We also service thousands more customers through our website.  I am confident that the reason customers shop with us is because of value, availability, and a reputation for selling rare, unique, and quality parts, not to mention the one-on-one customer service with every transaction. Below are some references of very happy customers.


I want to turn negative feedback into a positive by engaging in a constructive way and showing that we are a caring, genuine business. I hope everyone will still give us a chance in the future to provide you with high quality products at discounted prices you expect and deserve.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know directly and I would be more than happy to help. Give me a call.  Ask me questions.  Run your ideas by me.  I welcome it!

I have tried to respond to the comments in a pleasant and helpful way. Of course, that’s not easy to do when you pour your life into a business and someone bashes it on-line. The immediate impulse is to return fire; so in those cases, it's best I not respond at all. Again, some people will always feel unsatisfied or unjustly wronged no matter what offers of resolution are made. 

I appreciate the chance to express my position and hope it encourages anyone with doubts to give us an opportunity to serve you with your Datsun Parts needs.

California Datsun 
Al Allen
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